32's Natural Flavors

Peppermint – When you think of “fresh breath”, you immediately think of peppermint. It’s the classic, unmistakable burst of “clean” which has been used as a breath freshener for decades. 32 effervescent breath treatment truly captures that feeling with our peppermint flavored IsoVoxy crystals. Featuring the refreshing, stimulating mouth-kicking burst that you expect.

Spearmint – For many people, peppermint can be a bit strong. So for those folks who like the mint, but can do without the kick, we offer our spearmint flavor. You’ll have no choice but to think of “mint green” color with this sweet, minty flavor of 32 Spearmint. It’s so good, you’ll want to use it even if you didn’t have bad breath (and trust us, after taking 32 spearmint, you won’t!)

Peppermint Plus – This one is “extra strength”. Formulated with a stronger burst of peppermint-flavored IsoVoxy crystals for an extra-strong odor killing blast, Peppermint Plus is the ultimate in bad-breath fighting power. Plus, it lasts longer than four hours, so you can be confident in your breath all day.