How it Works

First, the formal statement from science class:

32 Breath Beauty utilizes our trademarked IsoVoxy Crystals in inhibiting odiferous volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) via oxidizing thiol (a.k.a., sulfhydryl) groups.

What that means in Plain English is 32 Breath Beauty works to eliminate bad breath at its source.

It’s also great tasting, and, dare we say, fun to use! Remember Pop Rocks as a kid? 32 Breath Beauty has that same popping action. Only this one eliminates bad breath for hours.

One Pouch. One Minute. All Night.

The History

For years, cosmetic dentist Thomas Connelly knew Zinc was an essential component in combating bad breath. However, “Zinc” is not an easy sell – especially when breath mints or gum seem a lot more appetizing.

However, Zinc works a lot better, and eliminates bad breath for hours. So Dr. Connelly went to work. 32 is the result of years of research, testing, and plain old determination. But the finished product is exactly what Dr. Connelly envisioned: a great-tasting, easy to use bad breath product that is the most effective, longest-lasting breath treatment available today.

Our innovative delivery system and formulation of IsoVoxy crystals work to negate volatile sulfur compounds, effectively eliminating the cause of Intrinsic Malodor (e.g., bad breath). Then the deep, refreshing natural flavors of 32 act as a strong counter to any Extrinsic Malodor that may exist as well, allowing fresh breath while your body naturally processes the causes of such.

This innovative (and scientific) approach to countering bad breath is why 32 Effervescent Breath Treatment with IsoVoxy® cleansing is such an exciting product. It tastes great, and it works better than gum or mints, because it has real science and years of development behind it. 

With our convenient single-serving packages (and ease of use) you can be confident that your breath will smell fresh all day, every day. Try 32 Effervescent Breath Treatment today, and breathe easy!