Thomas Connelly, DDS

Practicing on Manhattan's Upper East Side, and with experience that spans more than 15 years, Dr. Thomas P. Connelly delivers world class dentistry to patients from all walks of life. Counted among those who have had their smiles beautified by Dr. Connelly are runway models, executives, moms, celebrities, firefighters, police, sports stars, and people from every other conceivable profession. Indeed, he has built his reputation by inviting everyone into his practice - he's just as likely to work with a housewife or a junior executive as he is a movie or sports star.

Dr. Connelly's patients have graced the covers of hundreds of magazines internationally, including Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. He is responsible for many of the beautiful smiles that have appeared on Dancing with the Stars, The Apprentice, and the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Undoubtedly, you have seen his work.

Dr. Connelly received his dental training at the Mayo Clinic, the University of Detroit Mercy, and Louisiana State University. He has also served as a clinical instructor in two Ivy League schools (previously at Harvard University Dental School in Boston, and currently as an assistant clinical professor at Columbia Dental School in New York City). He is also a weekly Oral Health writer for the internationally renowned Huffington Post and is regularly featured in numerous print and television segments on Dentistry and Oral Health.